Show Cases


Transforming QEEG Data into a Comprehensive Mind Health Profile

Are you interested in improving your cognitive abilities and understanding your mental health? Our startup is leading the way in utilizing QEEG data and advanced AI techniques to provide a comprehensive mind-health profile. From early detection of cognitive impairments to empowering individuals with actionable insights, our Cognition Insight software is revolutionizing the way we understand and improve our mental health. Join us on the journey to a better future with better mental health.

Our Startup Project: More Deep to Our Solution

We've finished the MVP stage of our first phase, Cognition Insight, which creates detailed cognitive profiles based on how well a person's brain works. We have also finished our research and started collecting data for our second phase, called "cognitive early detection." In this phase, we will use high-tech tools like machine learning, quantitative electroencephalography, and cognitive computational assessments to look for early signs of possible cognitive problems.